partnersCrist Engineers has provided professional engineering services to Arkansas municipalities, private and other clients since its inception in 1938.  Crist Engineers has specialized in the planning, design, construction observation, startup, and operations assistance of municipal water supply, treatment, distribution and storage improvements, and wastewater permitting, collection, treatment, and disposal improvements.  Crist Engineers also provides general civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation and controls, telemetry, solid waste, and energy related services.

Crist Engineers generally utilizes the Project Engineer approach to providing engineering assistance to its clients.  An experienced Project Engineer, registered as a Professional Engineer, is assigned to be responsible for providing the engineering planning and design services to meet the needs of a client for a specific project.  The work of the Project Engineer is reviewed by the Partner in charge of the project.  The Project Engineer draws on technical, reference, and staff resources available in the Crist Engineers organization, as well as outside resources as needed, to provide the services in a timely fashion to the satisfaction of the client.  An important element of Crist’s planning and design process is owner input during all phases of the project.  Process preferences, equipment preferences, maintenance and operation issues, materials of construction, and interface with other utilities and the public are examples of issues on which Crist seeks input from its client representatives.

Crist Engineer’s staff is proficient and well experienced in CAD design, and utilizes AutoCad software and other engineering design and analysis software for design and analysis.  Crist Engineers uses AutoCAD Civil3D for topographical layouts and site design, InfoWater for large water distribution network analysis, WaterCad for smaller distribution network analysis and the design of wastewater pumping improvements, and Infoworks for wastewater collection system analysis.



Crist Engineers, Inc. dates back to about 1938, when Marion L. Crist, a 1925 graduate of Stanford University, opened a consulting engineering office in Little Rock known as Marion L. Crist, Engineer. In succeeding years, the Firm expanded in both practice and scope. In 1955 certain key personnel were designated as associate members, and the Firm was incorporated as Marion L. Crist and Associates. Upon his retirement in 1968, Mr. Crist’s interest in the Firm was acquired by the associate engineers. The Firm name was changed to Crist Engineers, Inc. in 1973.

In one form or another, the Firm has maintained a continuous, active and competitive presence in the Arkansas market for over seventy-five years and has maintained a continuous, professional relationship of service with some of its clients for well over sixty years.